Danny Raj M (PI)


I am a DST-INSPIRE faculty hosted by the department of chemical engineering at IISc Bangalore. I work in the area of complex systems engineering where I study systems made up of many interacting entities or agents that exhibit collective phenomena. I apply an agent-based modeling strategy in combination with techniques from systems engineering like optimization, model based feedback control, etc., along with simple experiments, to understand and engineer the collective nature of several complex systems that include droplets in microchannels, organismal motion and traffic/pedestrian movement.

Prior to this, I was at IIT Madras where I completed my Doctoral work in the department of chemical engineering under Prof Raghunathan Rengaswamy on 'Drops as agents: understanding the complex behavior of drops in 2D microchannels'. I have a B Tech in Chemical engineering from AC Tech, Anna University, Chennai.


vivek image.jpeg

Vivek Jadav

Project associate (in collaboration with Vishwesha Guttal, CES, IISc)

I graduated in 2020 from IISER Mohali with masters in Physics. I am broadly interested in understanding collective behavior employing computational and theoretical methods. Currently, I work on building models to study group properties, such as cohesion and polarisation, in finite fish schools.


Arshed Nabeel

Project associate

I am Arshed Nabeel, a computer science masters graduate interested in problems at the intersection of computer science, applied math and basic sciences. Currently, I am working on problems related to observing and inferring the dynamics of a collective system using machine learning models.

In my previous avatars, I developed deep neural networks to analyze driver behavior, explored the dynamics and timescales in neural signals, and developed algorithms for certain problems in social choice.


Harishankar Muppirala

Project associate

Hi, I am Harishankar Muppirala. I graduated with a B.E in Mechanical Engineering from BITS Pilani, Goa in 2021. I am broadly interested in problems at the interface of Applied Mathematics & Fluid Mechanics. In the recent past, I started exploring the world of data driven methods in science with applications to fluid mechanics. Presently I am working on building data driven models to extract droplet-droplet interactions in microchannel flows.

For my undergraduate thesis, I worked on geophysical flows trying to understand the effects of double diffusion on internal waves (seiches).


Past students

  1. Vijay Kumar (Observing and inferring the dynamics of composite agents in a complex system)

  2. Karthikeya Sharma (Investigating the underlying rules of interaction between vehicles in Indian traffic)

  3. Arshed Nabeel (Fish school turning) [In collaboration: Vishwesha]

  4. Arvind Nayak (Traffic of agents with memory)
  5. Vijay Kumar (Mesoscale dynamics of finite school) [In collaboration: Vishwesha]

  6. Aman Prasad (Indian Traffic: collecting data and developing the tracking algorithm)

For prospective students

Students who are interested in the work I do, and are looking for a position my lab, are encouraged to write to me, with your resume attached. Kindly specify the topics that you are interested in and why you desire to work with me.

At this point in time, the work I do is purely computational in nature. Hence, I consider only applications from students who are mathematically minded. Typically, students with an Engineering or a Physics degree should be able to work on the problems that I am generally interested in.