I am a DST-INSPIRE faculty hosted by the department of chemical engineering at IISc Bangalore. My research interests broadly encompass understanding the nonlinear interactions and collective dynamics in natural and artificial systems using simple mathematical models. In this website, you will find information on the research themes I am interested in and ongoing research.

​​If you are interested in the work I do, I encourage you to write to me. I will be happy to discuss interesting problems, possible collaborations, etc.

Department of Chemical Engineering, IISc Bangalore





Lab 10, Chemical engineering, IISc Bangalore, Bengaluru-560012, Karnataka, India

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Upcoming events

I will be handling a special session on "Modelling collective phenomena" in the virtual FIM conference https://fim28scmsps2020.com/

I have invited experts from the fields of physics, biology and engineering to talk about collective phenomena.


Prof Raghunathan Rengaswamy, Dept of Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras

Dr Raghunath Chelakkot, Dept of Physics, IIT Bombay

Dr Jitesh Jhawar, Max Planck Institute for animal behaviour, Germany

If you are interested you can register and participate in the special session and other talks that are planned.

Fluid inspired motion