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Journal Publications
  1. M Danny Raj and R. Rengaswamy, “Understanding drop-pattern formation in 2-D microchannels: a multi-agent approach”, Microfluid. Nanofluidics, vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 527–537, Jan. 2014. [Link]

  2. M. D. Raj and R. Rengaswamy, “Investigating Arrangement of Composite Drops in Two-Dimensional Microchannels Using Multi-Agent Simulations: A Design Perspective”, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., vol. 54, no. 43, pp. 10835-10842, 2015. [Link]

  3. S. Thiripuranthagan, D. Raj, and K. Kannan, “Photocatalytic Degradation of Congo-red on Silica Supported Ag Impregnated TiO2”, J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. vol. 15, no. 6, pp. 4727–4733, 2015. [Link]

  4. M. Danny Raj and R. Rengaswamy, “Coalescence of drops in a 2D microchannel: critical transitions to autocatalytic behavior”, Soft Matter, vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 115-122, 2016. [Link]

  5. M. Danny Raj and R. Rengaswamy, “Averaged model for probabilistic coalescence avalanches in two-dimensional emulsions: Insights into uncertainty propagation”, Physical Review E, vol. 95, no. 3, 032608, 2017. [Link]

  6. M. Danny Raj and R. Rengaswamy, “Interacting coalescence avalanches in a 2D droplet assembly”, AIChE Journal, vol. 65, issue 3, 2019. [Link]

  7. M. Danny Raj, A. Gnanasekaran and R. Rengaswamy, “On the role of hydrodynamic interactions in the engineered assembly of droplet ensembles”, Soft Matter, 2019. [Link]

  8. C G Danny, M Danny Raj, Vvr Sai, ‘Ray optics model for U-bent fiber optic sensors’, Journal of Lightwave Technology (available online, December 2019). [Link]

  9. Jitesh Jhawar, Richard G. Morris, U. R. Amith-Kumar, M. Danny Raj, Tim Rogers, Harikrishnan R., Vishwesha Guttal, ‘Noise-Induced Schooling of Fish’, Nature Physics, (available online, March 2020).[Link]

  1. M Danny Raj and Kumaran V, “Moving efficiently through a crowd: a nature inspired traffic rule”, submitted. [Link in ArXiv]

Conference publications
  1. Danny Raj M and R. Rengaswamy, “Understanding Control in Microchannels to Manipulate Drop-Drop Interactions,” in 2014 European Control Conference (ECC), 2014, pp. 1055–1060. [Link]

  2. Christina G Danny, M Danny Raj, Vvr Sai, “Ray Optics Model for Light Attenuation in U-Bent Fibre Optic Sensors”, in IEEE SENSORS 2018, New Delhi, 2018, pp. 1-4. [Link]

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